On admission, a thorough case history is taken followed by a physical examination that may include non invasive tests, biochemical examination , blood and urine tests, stress ECG, spirometry muscloskeletal and other tests may be performed.

All conventional radiography, pathology and other services are available.

Following the initial consultation and health assessment, the findings are outlined and there is an open discussion to determine the appropriate care and how your goals may be realized. The emphasis is on individual care.

The daily routine involves an examination by the practitioner, followed by individually directed activities and our continuous educational program. Patients are free to choose other activities that are consistent with the professional advice.

Under close supervision, the techniques used at the Centre for each individual may include any or all of the following :

Nutritional assessment and advice, dietary modifications, supervised fasting, rest and the cautious exposure to sunlight. Physical activity is planned and monitored to exert a beneficial effect and to avoid overstrain and exhaustion.

Emotional factors almost invariably contribute to health problems and prevent the achievement of goals. These are carefully identified and addressed. Counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, psycho-physical education is available.

The nutritional and lifestyle programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. Special care is given to identifying and removing the causes of problems associated with obesity, food intolerance, allergies, so-called nutritional deficiencies, etc.

Each person’s dietary requirements are assessed and the appropriate food is carefully prepared to meet his/her individual needs. A major priority at the Clinic is to provide the very highest quality fresh, unprocessed whole natural food available.

The length of stay at the Centre is dependent on many factors and requires a discussion concerning the specific health problems and the patient’s goals.