Some of our clients use the facilities at the Centre for prevention and health maintenance. They avail themselves of our unique health maintenance program that applies the numerous procedures to not only improve health but to preserve it.

It is not enough to perform various tests with the belief that this somehow can lead to health. You cannot only test yourself to health. To prevent the evolution and progression of ill health/disease, the person has to learn what lifestyle and behaviour to avoid and what to adopt in order to preserve and maintain high level health.

Part of the healthcare system philosophy we represent was originally developed in the U.S. by M.D.s  as “Hygiene” and  later called “Natural Hygiene” which is derived from the Greek word “Hygeia”, the  Goddess of health. Most of the basic principles of Natural Hygiene is now well  supported and validated by numerous recent studies.

Our approach advances the wellness paradigm by fostering the prevention and health promotion as a fundamental basis of primary care.

The model of healthcare that we use is non invasive,  ethical,  natural and evidence based  where possible. We encourage and respect the patient’s autonomy and participating  role in their healing  process.