There is overwhelming evidence from studies which confirm that many health problems are related, among other factors, to poor diet, high consumption of animal fat, processed, manipulated and adulterated food, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, high sugar and high salt

Almost everyone acknowledges that there is now an epidemic of unhealthy “junk” food consumption and the escalation of modern diseases.

The greatest epidemiological study on the relationship of nutrition and modern disease has been conducte  by Professor T Colin Campbell from 1985 to 1995 and detailed in his book The China Study.

Therefore, since 1961, a major priority at the Centre is to provide the very highest quality fresh food available, with an important emphasis on evidence based vegan plant nutrition where possible, depending on the individual’s nutritional needs, some of our clients prefer raw uncooked food.

The meals are not served as one meal fits all. Each meal is prepared individually to cater for that patient’s needs and requirements.

The food is varied and chosen carefully. We do not use refined, processed and manipulated food.  No salt, sugar or oil is added. We use fresh whole nutritious food which is both appetising and tasteful.

Especially after fasting, it is usual for a person to experience regeneration of the sense of taste and the enhanced appreciation of wholesome natural food.