Arcadia Health Centre is a leading Clinic for fasting supervision.

One of the procedures we employ is supervised fast. Fasting is the total voluntary abstinence from all food except water while the nutritional reserves remain adequate to sustain normal function. Taking juices is dieting, not fasting. Fasting is a  process, not a cure or treatment. Fasting, an important aspect of nutrition providing total physiological and mental rest and properly supervised  in a conducive environment, allows the body to make radical biochemical changes that are an important first step in improving health. This allows the body’s self healing properties to proceed towards normalization of function. This may be reflected in such indicators as blood pressure and circulation, pulse, weight and also in the normalization of important biomarkers such as blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes etc. and more importantly by  the changes in the individual signs and symptoms presented by the patient.

Over the last 50 years we have found that changes that frequently take  a very long time  to attain may be accelerated and achieved much more quickly through fasting.

Fasting facilitates changes. With fasting, lifestyle changes are easier to make.  Bad habits and practices, food addictions, compulsive eating  or lack of appetite are more easily modified.

Obesity is now an epidemic and some people find it extremely difficult to  make lifestyle changes of diet and exercise, etc. Fasting not only  helps the obese to lower their weight, but it helps the person to change more rapidly and then adopt a health supportive diet and lifestyle

Weight control, blood pressure regulation and circulatory problems are all positively influenced by fasting. Blood glucose levels which are erratic and unstable in many people are normalised .

Inflammation, a basic pathological process, so widespread as an integral component of many modern diseases, auto immune diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis,  Crohns disease, colitis, bronchitis, gastritis  dermatitis, bronchitis, gastritis, etc. are often amenable to fasting. dietary and lifestyle changes

Fasting not only allows the body to heal itself more efficiently but it also contributes to positive rejuvenation that is not attainable through other means.

Many of the diseases go into remission through fasting and lifestyle changes.

Fasting is only one of the procedures employed at the Centre, albeit an important one. Many people who come to the Centre follow different programs other than fasting.

The length of the fast depends on many factors including the extent of the nutritive reserves and the rate at which they are consumed which is highly variable and monitored by the close personal supervision.

The important post fast feeding requires skilful supervision based on individual responses.