The Centre was architecturally designed and built for its current purposes, preserving, as far as practicable, the surrounding natural environment and space. Each unit has its own amenities and is conducive to the application of our methods, with natural light, fresh air, through ventilation, easy access to the outside garden and deck, TV and Wi-Fi access.  Each unit has its own bathroom facilities.

A spacious lounge is provided for relaxation, discussions, lectures, Q&A, demonstrations, video, stereo for classical and other beautiful music, games, cards, etc.

The 10 meter salt water pool and spa are solar heated and designed for proper swimming and exercise where applicable.

Bicycles and other sport equipment are available. There is a north facing outside deck and a number of garden hammocks in the grounds.

The total environment is intended to provide the most favorable conditions for the recuperation and recovery of health. We consider beauty and salubrious environment to be positive factors in the restoration and preservation of health.

Some of our clients use the facilities at the Centre for prevention and health maintenance. They avail themselves of our unique health maintenance program that applies the numerous procedures to not only improve health but to preserve it.