Health care is self care

The Centre’s educational program includes individual instruction supported by books, periodicals, audio, dvd and video tapes, lectures, demonstrations and discussions (e.g. diet, activity, psychology, chiropractic, osteopathic, biomechanics, etc.)  In each unit, a selection of audio tapes on major topics is provided. All of this ensures that each person learns how to care for themselves intelligently and responsibly to preserve and protect their health.

The Centre is a serious clinic that espouses values for a rational, sensible and ethical way of living. The person should not only aim to achieve a high level of health but also experience wellbeing in their life.

Ultimately, wellbeing is a positive and sustainable state which allows the person to thrive and flourish. We encourage cultural values in music, art, literature, etc. Wellbeing refers to psychological, physical, intellectual and social states that are distinctly positive and lead to overall happiness,  life satisfaction and content.